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Race Committees

The 2018 Race Committee calendar is shown below, with the few assignments made to date.

Documents for your reference on Race Committee: Race Committee Handbook and CPYC Flag Addendum

Soon you will receive an email asking you on which date(s) you would like to serve on Race Committee.

Except for PROs and SROs, who will be assigned by the Race and Regatta Committee, those blank spaces on the calendar below are the ones to consider in making your choices.

Please send your questions and comments to cpycraceregatta@gmail.com

Once the assignments have been made, it is your responsibility to get a replacement, if you cannot honor the date on the schedule.  Contact your fleet captain or Race and Regatta representative for assistance. Please email cpycraceregatta@gmail.com when you have found a replacement or traded days with another member.

Below is the calendar with assignments made so far for the 2018 season. For best viewing, use your browser's scroll bar to the right to scroll down so you may see the box containing the assignments.  Then use your mouse wheel or the gray scroll bar at the right of the assignments to scroll up and down to see the entire calendar.
Background color codes  Yellow  = short course gray = not available    RC selected by Regatta organizers