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Wednesday Night Dinners

Each week, please email Marcus Carpenter at mfultoncarpenter@yahoo.com to be added to the weekly list. The subject line should have the date of the race and the content should have either Appetizer, Salad or Dessert. Please remember to bring enough for 20 people. If you would like to sign up for the entire summer, please say so in the email. Thank you.

  • Wednesday Night Dinner Assignments
    • Night Date BY BOAT NAME
      1 5/22/19 Covenant Hound Dog Lunatic
      2 5/29/19 Expresso COHO Linda
      3 6/5/19 Morning Star Blazn Star Bad Dog
      4 6/12/19 Terrapin Gnosis Nereid
      5 6/19/19 Havoc Eclipse Dow Jones
      6 6/26/19 LoneBark Navigo Obsession
      7 7/13/19 Gemini Lady Hawke Whirlygig
      8 7/10/19 Stealin Time Ananda Frendship
      9 7/17/19 Heretaunga Endless Summer (G) Valkyrie
      10 7/24/19 Mischef River Rat Kricken
      11 7/31/19 Catamount Fat City Halcyon
      12 8/7/19 Southern Cross Redemption Summer Girl
      13 8/14/19 Elan J/70's Stars
      14 8/21/19 T Bold Down The Hatch Thin Ice
      15 8/28/19

  • Appetizers, Salads, Desserts

    • Every boat should bringing of the following: (Enough for 20 People.) 
      Salad and Bread Ready to serve with dressing. Don't forget butter. 

      Appetizer Not just a bag of chips. Please be creative.

      Dessert  Not just cookies. Please be creative.

      Thank You for your cooperation. 

      Wednesday night dinner committtee.