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« Back Post Date: Friday, February 03, 2017
Test for training with Axis Editor
Test article to use with exploring the Axis Editor functioinality.

This is a Heading 1 line

This is a heading 2 line

This is a heading 3 line

This is a heading 4 line (translates automaticallY to uppercase)

This is a heading 5 line
This is a heading 6 line
This is a formatted line, bounded by <p> tags.
  1. Start an ordered list
    1. inented ordered list (hand coded in html
  2. Second list item
  • Start a bulleted list
  • second list item
This is an address entry
and this is the second line of the address entry'
third line

So what happens when you select "Menu List"
Here's the second menu list item
and here's the third
This will attempt to be a "Directory List"
second directory list item
This is a formatted line bounded by <pre> tags