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2015 - 2016 Nominating Committee Slate
The Nominating Committee Proposes the following stlate of Officers and Governors for 2015-2016 Club Year.


October 25, 2016

Pursuant to the By-Laws of the Cedar Point Yacht Club, the Nominating Committee posts
the following slate for Officers and Governors for the upcoming Club Year, 2015-2016:

Officers – for a one year term:
Commodore: Brian Joyce
Vice Commodore: Bob Karpel
Rear Commodore: Charlie Kreitler
Secretary: Jacqueline S. Flournoy
Treasurer: Mark Berns

  Governors – for a three year term:

David Fried

Lucy Walker

Governor -- for a one year term:

Steve Longo

 Governors continuing in their elected terms

Michael Gavin
Adrian Little
Jim Saxe

 The Board of Governors will be nominating the following slate for the Nominating Committee for a 1 year term:
John Cooke
Jay Lurie
John McArthur
Nelson Stephenson
Christopher Pollak

 The Nominating Committee notes that due to personal reasons, Commodore Harrison Gill has asked that he not be nominated for a second year as Commodore.