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« Back Post Date: Saturday, August 08, 2015
Cedar Point Jr, Race Week was a wonderful success!
Over 200 young sailors participated in the regatta, and we saw one of our largest 420 fleets to date, with 67 boats on the line!

Over 200 young sailors participated in the regatta, and we saw one of our largest 420 fleets to date, with 67 boats on the line! Every year we see the number of competitors rise, and we know it is because we consistently run wonderful races, and create a relaxed, fun environment where our young sailors feel free to play games and socialize. Our amazing membership once again stepped up to help wherever help was needed, and many junior sailing families volunteered, even if their child wasn't involved in the regatta. I've been a member of CPYC since I was 3 years old, and I am constantly blown away by the commitment of our members to help one another and to share their talents. When Lucy Walker sent a last minute email blast out begging for housing for some last minute registrants, responses started rolling in minutes after the email was sent. It may sound sappy, but I was almost brought to tears by this display of support. I feel honored to be a part of such a wonderful group of people.

There are so many people to thank for the time that they spent helping during Race Week. Volunteer jobs included registering sailors, organizing the drystall area for our visiting boats, running races, volunteering boats and time being mark boats, gate boats, and safety boats, scoring, serving on protest committees, coordinating food and entertainment, and housing 84 sailors from New York clubs.

We thank Jackie Flournoy, Lea Bemus, Ann Marie Breschard, Nancy Bracken, Wendy Pieper, Lisa Simmons, Pat Curtin (who also designed the regatta t-shirt!) and Reina Sauer for help with registration. In the drystall area, the unloading of boats, parking of trailers, and traffic management was organized by Brendan Bracken, Geoff Wallace, Mike Curtin, Scott Henjes, Paul Craine, Paul Pieper, Terry Sauer and Paul Meyerson (who gave us every free moment he had to pitch in and help wherever he could).

Dick Thackaberry once again served as the PRO for the 420 class. Dick was assisted by Cathy Thackaberry, Bud Titsworth, Lea Beamus, Paula Olsen, Brinton Parson and Hank Mergenthaler. Also on the 420 circle, on their own boats, were Scott Reichhelm and Geoff Wallace. Amy Davies, Bill Walker, John McArthur, Mike Gavin, Eric Mergenthaler, Denise Latour, AJ Sorenson, Wendy Pieper and Paul Pieper were the rest of our very professional 420 team. Steve Longo helped once again with Race Week this year, enthusiastically stepping up to serve as PRO for the Laser class. Steve's team included Halsey Bullen, Bernie Dorogusker, and two CPYC instructors. Tom Little and Matt Baldwin lent their boats and shared their expertise, serving as the pin and mark boats for the Lasers, with the help of John Owen. John Foster (who delayed a trip and volunteered without being asked!) and Ed Rickard served as the gate boat on the Laser circle. Though the winds were light, and storms and lack of wind delayed harbor starts, our PROs ran 7 races! Once back on land, Halsey Bullen was the head scorer, aided by Cathy Thackaberry and Paula Olsen. Nelson Stephenson organized the protest committee of Guy Gurney, Marc Jacobi, and Ched Proctor. And Jay Lurie, serving as arbitrator, helped to resolve conflicts, keeping sailors out of the protest room, leaving more time for sailors and volunteers to enjoy the evening of games, music, and dinner served by the Super Duper Weenie truck!

Wendy Pieper organized land activities and food for the regatta with help from Karen Myers, Patti Palmer, Nancy Bracken, Helen DeMaiorebus, Laura Clark, Michelle Murphy, Julie Balesteros, and Ingrid Gordon. Bountiful breakfasts were served every day, lunches packed and sent on the water with sailors, and when the sailors and volunteers returned after racing, they were treated to music, food, and fun!

Junior Sailing Director, and longtime CPYC sailor, Mike Ances, worked tirelessly helping to organize this regatta, many evenings leaving well after 8 in the evening. He made sure documents were posted, handled registrations, answered endless amounts of questions, coordinated with staff, served as safety boat on the water, organized the post sailing games, and spread enthusiasm and joy to everyone he came in contact with. We are quite lucky to have Mike as part of our CPYC team!

In addition to all of our volunteers, we couldn't have run such a fantastic event without the help of manager Trey Lang and his staff. Trey kept our fleet of boats running smoothly, outfitting boats with everything needed to run successful races. He managed to fit every visiting coach boat in slips, and kept traffic running smoothly on and off the water. Trey, Justin, and the rest of the staff kept bathrooms tidy, trash emptied, and helped visiting coaches and sailors when they had questions or needed a hand.

New member, Brinton Parson took on the yeoman's task of not only co-chairing the regatta, but also organizing the housing for our visiting sailors. And now to thank the many, many families who opened their homes to our visiting sailors...
Per and Viveka Kjellgren, the Ryan family, the Truitt family, Michelle Murphy, Charles and Beverly Stanley, Lynn Gonsor, the Ballesteros Family, the Curtin Family, Jeff Manchester, Jackie Flournoy, George and Carol Reichhelm, Scott and Nina Reichhelm, Serge Karpow, Eric and Luz Berg, Brendan and Nancy Bracken, The Krawiec Family, Doug and Denise Latour, Brian and Marla Joyce, Joe and Karen Myers, the Sauer Family, David and Diana Toomey-Wilson, the Baldwin Family, Michael and Marisol Laux, Paul and Laura Craine, Jane and James Dickenson-Harding, Rich and Ingrid Gordon, Cole and Patti Palmer, Wendy and Paul Pieper, Diane Blasco, Erica Livingston, and Julia Sears and Dave Ambrose. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

And last, but not least, I would like to thank my husband, Junior Sailing Program Chair and regatta co-chair Geoff Wallace for helping with every aspect of this regatta - planning, organizing, and implementing. He is my right hand and this program wouldn't be what it is without the many hours that he gives to CPYC and to the Junior Program.

The visiting sailors were respectful of our club, our membership and our volunteers. They once again experienced great racing, managed by talented members. They enjoyed fun food, games and music, and I witnessed many young sailors just sitting on the rocks soaking in the natural beauty that is the backdrop for our wonderful club. There were over 80 volunteers that made this amazing event possible, and I hope I didn't miss thanking all of them. We couldn't have done it without you!!

With gratitude,
Cindy Wallace
Governor Junior Sailing