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ODR Yellow Shirted Pavilion Volunteers
Click READ MORE for a letter to the “Yellow Shirted Pavilion Volunteers” from Marion Pietrowski - Pavilion Manager ODR 2018

Letter to the “Yellow Shirted Pavilion Volunteers”
From Marion Pietrowski - Pavilion Manager ODR 2018

I wish to acknowledge and thank the selfless efforts of so many club members who gave their valuable time and energy to provide great hospitality and food to this year’s club sponsored ODR.

There were 4 full days of activities between numerous table layouts and setups, boat lunch prep, breakfast prep and serving and appetizer hour prep and serving and dinner prep and serving, selling ODR Tervis Cups, beer and bar prep and serving…. and of course…. clean up.

These members showed Generosity with their time, Understanding of the process, Empathy of the needs and responded accordingly for the often cold and and tired sailors, Compassion to truly care about making this a great event and particularly Dedication to stick with this event and see it through.

Thank you…. Anna and Lou Resnansky, Rima Demarais, Nancy Helmig, Viv and Per Kjellgren, Jackie Flournoy, Jan Costelloe, Jane Dickerson-Harding, Lea Bemus, Peggy Polizzi, Karen Lexon, Karen and Chris Gackstatter, Jenn Nice, Patti Palmer, Deenna Edginton, Carla Foster, Laurie Iffland, Tom Risch, Eric Heller, Mary Stephenson, Beth Stoltz, Linda Stern, Barbara Silverman, Penny Page Fort, Chris Grantham, Linda Cohen and Robin Hoffman, David Hoffman, Peter Boehm, Michele Murphy, Kera Connolly, Paul Coleman, Roger Nitkin, Hank Sykes, Rob Cohen and Cole Palmer.

I want to particularly thank Anna and Lou Resnansky .... who worked the entire 4 days from daybreak to dark …. and handled hours of shopping prior and during the regatta…

Without ALL of you volunteers… this club sponsored event would not be fun and profitable! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!