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« Back Post Date: Thursday, April 27, 2017
Check to See Whether Your 2017 PHRF Certificate has been Received and Recorded
For all 2017 Cruising Class Races and Series scored using PHRF, in order to be scored, all Cruising Class boats racing must have a current 2017 PHRF certificate on file with the Race Committee. Your PHRF certificate will be issued by the YRALIS upon application. After receiving your PHRF certificate from the YRALIS by email, you must forward your current PHRF Certificate as an email attachment to cpycscoring@gmail.com. For more details see the NOR for each CC race or series.
If your PHRF certificate has been received by CPYC Race Committee, the table below will included a date in the column for Date Certificate Issued and reflect the PHRF ratings from the 2017 PHRF Certificate you have submitted. The data is sorted by sail number.*   

Repeating.... If there is a date in the "Date Certificate Received" Column then your current PHRF Rating has been received by the Race Committee, and your PHRF ratings for 2017 are displayed.  

If "Date Certificate Received" column is blank then no 2017 PHRF rating has been received for for your boat.  In order to be scored for the 2017 season, send your actual 2017 PHRF Certificate file received from the YRALIS as an email attachment to cpycscoring@gmail.com.   For more detailed information about PHRF Scoring and minimum requirements to be scored, see the NOR for each Cruising Class Race or Series.

*If your sail number is missing, look at the end of the table.