Thistle Fleet 99 Scoring Definitions

This is for reference only.  Please refer to the Fleet 99 Scoring Guidelines.
Total Days
The number of days a race has been completed
Total Races
Races completed this season
Current Qualifiers
The number of boats that would qualify if the season ended today
Cox %
Skippers score using the Cox-Sprague system and any adjustments described in the Scoring Guidelines
Rank among all competing skippers based on Cox-Sprague score
Potential Qualifying Rank
Rank among skippers who could qualify for the season (club members with enough days sailed that
sailing all remaining days would give them 50% participation)
# Days Sailed
The number of days a skipper started a race that was completed.
Chevron Event Participation
"Bye's" awarded for participating in TCA events. If a competitor skippers a boat in a TCA chevron
event on a day when fleet racing occurs, the day will not count against them for Summer Series
qualification purposes.  A numerical value represents the number of byes or days will be removed
from the possible days they could have sailed at the club for qualification purposes.  An 'X'
indicates participation in a chevron event during which there was no fleet racing, so no Bye is awarded.
Possible Days less "Bye's"
Total Days minus the number of Bye's awarded 
% Days Sailed
# Days Sailed divided by Possible Days less "Bye's"
Days Needed to Qualify for the Season*
For information purposes only! This is the number of days a skipper needs to compete in order
to reach 50% participation to qualify.  "Qualifies" indicates the skipper has reached the required
number of races. "Can't qualify" indicates there are not enough races left in the season to reach
50%. "Ineligible" indicates a guest skipper.
Cup Weekends (Vice Comm., Comm. Rear Comm.
The skipper's place in each Cup Weekend Series.
Possible Race Days This Season
An estimate of the number of Race Days possible in the season, based on club schedule, 
weather, and fleet participation.
Possible Days Remaining
An estimate of the number of Race Days left in the season, based on club schedule, 
weather, and fleet participation.