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ASA GoSailing (Crew Finder) App 

In order to help skippers find crew and crew find skippers, CPYC will be utilizing the American Sailing Association (ASA) GoSailing App.
  • GoSailing is a free (non commercial) mobile app developed by sailors and promoted by ASA
  • It allows anyone to create a sailing event/trip, invite others to join them, and easily manage crew communication
  • The app is very easy to use, but if you prefer the website, you have the same functionality there

The more of us that use the App, the easier it is to find crew and boats!!!

To Download:

  • Search “Go Sailing” in AppStore or Google Play on your phone
    OR click this link
  • Create your profile, add a picture, and add "CPYC" to Clubs in your profile

See the following presentation and GoSailing website for more details: CPYC Crew Finder GoSailing App Overview.pdf

Tips foe Skippers on Creating Trips / Events:

1) Add a photo of your boat to the trip / event to make it more visible to potential crew. Add a picture of yourself in the profile so that new crew can recognize you.

2) You can post a trip / event as "private" (open only to invited crew), "club event" (open to CPYC associated sailors only), "public" (open to the public).

3) Ask your current pool of crew members to download the GoSailing App. I'll help everyone have visibility into when you are sailing and simplify communication with whole crew for the day.

4) Be descriptive in what skill level you are expecting from the potential crew (e.g. racing fore-deck spinnaker experience required, jib trimmer, general sailing experience, no experience required - will train).

Be honest, it'll save each party time and potential frustration. Keep in mind if there is interest and commitment most crews can be trained in couple of outings.

5) Create one posting per trip rather than "Every Wednesday Night Racing" to keep trip / event dates and # of crew needed correct.
Once you create the first trip / event you can easily duplicate it by going into the event and clicking "Re-Create". All you have to do is update the date and # of crew needed for that trip.

Tips on GoSailing App Profile Settings to manage reminders:

  • Create Display Name with "@CPYC" at the end so that other members can easily identify you (e.g. Joe Smith @CPYC).
    This is the name displayed to other App users.
  • Set your Home Area to 25 miles from Darien CT to filter out NYC events/boats which may clutter your lists.
  • Add "CPYC" to Clubs at the bottom of your profile
  • Here are some other sample setting options we found useful to filter out less relevant communications