Winter Improvement Series - December 14th & 15th 0900-1500 - Cedar Point Yacht Club
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Winter Improvement Series - December 14th & 15th 0900-1500
All are welcome for the DIY20 "fleet," winter series. Members will pitch in "the CPYC way" to renovate & expand our kitchen/bar and improve the bathrooms. Tasks available for crews of all skill levels. Food/drink and camaraderie guaranteed. Click Read More for details.

Cedar Point Yacht Club

Notice of 2019-2020 Winter Improvement Series

The Newest Fleet at CPYC - The DIY20 Fleet - -Announces its 2019-2020 Winter Series

Fleet Motto: “Construction and Club Improvements at its Finest”

Series Regatta Chair:  Vice Commodore Mark Berns

Fleet Captain:  Nelson Stephenson

Protest Committee:  Kitchen and Bathrooms Committee

Governing Body:  CPYC Board of Governors

1        Rules

1.1    All work to be performed SAFELY in accordance with Plans approved by the Kitchen and Bathrooms Committee, the Governing Body, Town of Westport Building permit and related approvals.

1.2    Project is to be completed within approved budget guidelines unless approved in advance by the Governing Body

1.3    All work must be completed prior to April 30, 2020

1.4    In the event of conflict between this Notice of Winter Series and any other document, the Series Regatta Chair shall seek clarification from the Kitchens and Bath Committee and approval of the Governing Body.

1.5    Come, participate SAFELY and help make Cedar Point Yacht Club a better place through expanding our kitchen, rebuilding our bars, providing outside bar access and sitting are, relocating liquor lockers and refreshing Bathrooms.

2        Eligibility and Entry:      

2.1    All Volunteers of Cedar Point Yacht Club are eligible to become members of the new DIY20 Fleet, working to make CPYC a better place.

2.2    Volunteer Groups:

                Group 1 Volunteers: 

                       Those with Advanced or Basic Construction Skills

                Group 2 Volunteers: 

                       Those that would like to work and learn.

         Group 3:

                       All those that just want to watch and/or sidewalk supervise.

3         Fee  

             NO entry fee for Cedar Point Members and Volunteers.  In fact, food will be served during all work sessions and libations available after work is completed each day

4        Schedule-Preliminary Scheduling – Weekend Days During December, 2019

Note:  Scheduling subject to amendment based on permits, weather and materials delivery

4.1    Scheduled Work Sessions Weekends and Selected Evenings from December 7th until April 26, 2020

4.2    Outline of Work Sessions (subject to further modification, on the fly)

4.2.1        December 7th, 2019              Clean out all Liquor Lockers and dismantle.              Clean out the Kitchen cabinets and prepare for demolition              Clean out the Bar area and prepare for demolition              Demolish existing Kitchen and Bar (point of no return)

4.2.2        December 7th and 8th, 2019              Demolition of existing kitchen and bar              Expose framing of West Dining Room Wall

4.2.3        December 14th and 15th,2019 -Very Heavy Outside Work              Supplement deck floor load with new beams and joists              Supplement Northwest corner with new beams and joists

4.2.4        December 14th, 15th, 21st and 22nd, 2019              Add two new header beams to the west wall (heavy work)              Demolish existing Kitchen west wall and construct new wall              Assess and layout Installation of updated kitchen and Bar electrical and plumbing              Create Ships Ladder for access to attic and related access platform and walls              Remove windows from each side of the north west exit door and build/install solid exterior walls

4.3    In the event necessary, work schedule for December 2019 shall be extended into 2020, as necessary.

5        Additional work schedules in 2020 (Weekends in March/ April as weather permits)

5.1.1        to be created and announced based on timetable for delivery and installation of new Bar Windows and cabinets for the expanded kitchen

5.1.2        to be created in 2020 for building and installing the new service bar, reinstall liquor lockers and rebuilt cabinetry for the new service bar and kegerator locations and related under bar cabinetry in the west wall.

6        Further Information

6.1    The Fleet Captain will create online sign up capability.  We request that all volunteers indicate the work sessions they will be able to attend.

6.2     Frequent updates about project status and additional information will be sent to all volunteers by email.

6.3    Think of this as another form of Race Committee --- just when its cold outside!

6.4    And, your chance to help CPYC continue to be affordable.  Have your picture in the Hallway helping making the Kitchen and Bathroom projects happen.

6.5    Join us for HUMP days..... “Helping Us Make Progress”!