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Summer Season 2019 Race Committee

Thank you for making this effort to learn more about Race Committee at Cedar Point Yacht Club.  Race Committee is what makes racing possible. 

Take me to the signup for race committee!

Here at CPYC we recognize the value of a trained and confident volunteer race committee, and we work hard to provide the support necessary to give you the tools to develop as a part of the race committee team.  Your participation on race committee allows CPYC to continue the great racing program the club offers, and with all the trained volunteers, you can be assured that the racing you get to participate in is some of the best available.  By participating in race committee, you'll get a chance to meet new folks and make new friends.  You'll also get a chance to develop your race management skills.  Just looking for the signup?  Please visit our Race Committee Registration at Signup Genius and make your selection!  Slots can be swapped!  Should you find that you've signed up for an obligation that becomes impossible to honor, changing the schedule can be accomplished through the use of the swap feature. 

Just show me  a printout of the assignments! [updated 6/25/2019]

Race Committee Roles:

We have opportunities for every skill level from beginner to advanced.  We hope you will choose to perform a task that challenges you.  We are here to support you and make you successful!  If you have any questions feel free to reach out to anyone on the Race & Regatta Committee listed below.

What are the roles for which you can register?  We list an overview below, but a more extensive list of the responsibilities of each role can be found in the CPYC Race Committee Guidelines and especially the Race Committee Manual.  To acquaint yourself with changes to the CPYC Race Committee process, be sure to attend this spring's Race Committee Training.  Dates will be found on the CPYC Race Calendar.

The PRO manages the team in terms of keeping the day's program on schedule.  They make decisions about where to place the committee boat, setting a course that gives the fleets the right course length and duration. Then they direct the team in terms of starting and finishing the fleets. The PRO job can be very different depending on the course – Main, Near, Dinghy, Outside (regattas) – the number of fleets participating and many other factors.  The other roles assist and support the PRO and are typically listed as ASST in the slots for the race day.  Signup for any of these, with details (specific assignments) to be worked out on race day by the PRO.  Depending on the course, there may be a DRO, a scorekeeper, someone that operates the various flags and other assistant roles in addition to mark boat operation.  Race Committee supporting the Cruising Class Navigation races, Dinghy Races and Near Course races likely will have just a PRO, Assistant and Mark Boat support.   If you are thinking about a certain role and wondering if you are qualified, reach out to Bill Adamsen Chairman of Race & Regatta.  Bill can help you sort through the opportunities, and he can even match you up with the right assistant to help make sure you are successful on the water.

Didn't get an invite? You can still register by visiting the signup page at Signup Genius.  Or, reach out to Bill Adamsen Chairman of Race & Regatta.  Bill can help find you the perfect opportunity that supports the club's racing needs and helps you develop your race management skills.  He can help find you the right team or assistant to help make sure you are successful on the water.

Race Committee Training:

We'll be providing an opportunity to discuss changes to the sailing instructions and racing format in informal gatherings following the club cleanup days (April 20th and 27th from noon to 3pm).  We'll be providing hands on race committee training on Saturday May 4th from 1-4pm at the club.  Almost all our racing requires Mark Boat assistance using both staffed operators, and volunteer mark boat operators and assistants.  Prior Race & Regatta Chair Scott Reichhelm has generously offered to perform mark boat operator training in advance of the season.  If you are at all unsure of what to expect in an afternoon as a mark boat operator or assistant, Scott's class is for you!  He'll cover limited GPS usage, communicating on the radio, placing marks and all the questions you have to allow you to do the job successfully.  There are limited opportunities and they are filled on a first come first served basis.

Thank you in advance for making this CPYC Racing Season a Race Committee success!

Bill Adamsen - Chair
Storm Snaith - Governor
Ched Proctor
David Hoffman
Rich Gold
Stephen Longo
Rodrigo Meireles
Mary Margaret Poster
Rod Ratcliffe
Samuel Blouin
AJ Sorensen
Steve Gruver