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The fleet at Cedar Point YC started in 2015 with 2 boats and has quickly grown to over 15 boats.  It’s amazing as each time we sail either someone shows up and wants to try out our fleet boat and is hooked or someone say’s, “Hey, I have one of those”.  We sail on weekends from Oct till May and then on a weeknight (TBD) during the summer once or twice a month.  If you haven’t tried remote control racing, please come down and have some fun.  These boats have all the controls so you learn to adjust outhaul, Cunningham, etc. and you’ll also sharpen your skills on the rules while you stand elbow to elbow with your competitor and have friendly discussions J

The CR-914 class is a strict one design radio controlled model yacht class.  This model is now manufactured in America by Chesapeake Performance Models www.rcyachts.com.  The hull is made from ABS plastic and is molded with the deck attached.  Each boat is identical so from the first boat out of the mold in 1994 to the newest one being delivered today they are all the same. The result is a class of boats with identical speed potential.  The goal, as in any good one-design class, is to have the skipper's tuning, tactics, and boat handling abilities determine the outcome.

The CR-914 is 914 mm (36 inches) in length overall, 6 lb 4 oz displacement, with ~600 square inches of sail area.  Tuning, tactics, and concentration are critical to racing success.  These boats tune like a big boat although, during the race, class rules limit trim to sheets and rudder only.  The CR-914 is a very responsive model that reacts quickly to the wind with bursts of acceleration up onto a plane down wind and turns on a dime.  The boats size allows the owner to travel with the boat fully rigged in a small car. The CR-914 is not the least expensive model yacht in its size class but is by far the best sailing.  The kit is fully inclusive except for batteries and are online at
www.rcyachts.com or you can find used boats on the web. There are fleets now at Riverside, Larchmont and Essex.

Please contact Steve Long at Slongo@aol.com for more info.