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About CPYC Membership

Cedar Point Yacht Club is an active sailboat racing club with hands-on management by its members.

We welcome membership inquiries from people with an interest in sailboat racing. Active racers, sailors with just limited racing experience and new sailors interested in racing are all invited to learn more about membership in our club. Members are expected to participate in racing in one of our Club's one-design or PHRF fleets, take part in our social activities and contribute to the life of the club by serving on committees and assisting with projects. Boat ownership or extensive racing experience is not required.

New members are admitted as "Associate" members to give them an opportunity to see if the Club is right for them and their family, and to give the Club the opportunity to evaluate their participation. After each season, Associate members who participate in the Club's racing, social and committee activities may be elected to "Regular" membership by the Board of Governors. Crew and other sailors who do not keep a boat at the Club may continue as Associate members at reduced dues subject to annual renewal by the Board of Governors.

Younger sailors may join as Junior members (up to age 26) or Young Adult members (ages 26 to 33) at lower dues, also subject to annual renewal by the Governors. Winter membership is available to those interested only in our Laser frostbite racing program.

The members of CPYC value diversity and therefore no prospective member shall be excluded from membership by reason of color, race, sex, religion or creed.

The membership process usually takes a couple of months. Prospective members are encouraged to speak with the Fleet Captain of the fleet(s) they are interested in racing in to learn more about the Club and as the point of contact for applying for membership. The names and phone numbers of the Fleet Captains are listed at the bottom of this page (click on their names to contact them by e-mail), as is the contact info for the Club's Membership Chair.

Further information about each fleet may be found on the Club Introduction Page and by using the links in the nav bar at the top of each page on this website.

  • The Membership Process
    • The membership process starts with a Regular Member sponsoring an applicant and two additional Regular Members seconding that person. The membership candidate completes an application and gives it to the Sponsor who in turn signs the ap and writes a Sponsoring letter. The Sponsor should also arrange for two other Regular Members to write their seconding letters and then should get the application and all three letters to the Membership Chair at least a week prior to the Membership Committee's meeting (schedule below).

      Then the Membership Committee interviews the membership candidates and recommends to the Board those candidates it would like to extend an offer of Membership to. If the Board concurs, the applicants are posted for one month for comments from the members at large. At the following Board of Governors meeting, the Board will consider the input it has received and make a final decision on each candidate.

      Successful candidates aged 33 years or older are invited to join the Club as an Associate Member, a one-year membership with most of the privileges of Regular Membership, everything except voting, sponsoring new members, and automatic renewal of membership. That gives the Associate Member an opportunity to see whether the Club is right for them and their family, and the Club an opportunity to evaluate the Associate Member's participation in racing, race management, social activities, and other contributions to the life of the Club. The Membership Committee will discuss continuation of each Associate Member's membership, or possible upgrade to Regular Membership, after the end of the sailing season and make recommendations for the Board's consideration.

      Younger candidates are invited to be Junior (age 16-25) or Young Adult (age 26-32) Members, with the same privileges as an Associate Member but at a reduced cost.