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Race Safety Guidelines


If an accident occurs on the water that results in an injury, stay calm and follow the procedures below:

  1. On the water, for serious and life threatening conditions including, but not limited to; – hypothermia, serious bleeding, broken bones, head injury, temporary or persistent unconsciousness, ALWAYS call Westport Marine Police on VHF CH 16.

  2. Only call 911 once you are on land.

  3. Always take the injured person(s) to the Compo Marina Basin (across from CPYC) because the EMT and emergency response to Compo is much faster than to the club.

  4. Always call CH16 (Marine Police), even if you are bringing someone in yourself as they have extensive first aid and EMT gear, have trained people on board and will meet you, help, and escort you in.

General Safety Guidelines

  • The decision to race is always the responsibility of the racer.

  • The PRO has the right to cancel races due to safety concerns.

  • Familiarize yourself  and your crew with general safety at sea practices before going sailing.

Race Committee Responsibilities

  • The PRO should review the Safety Procedures with their team before leaving the dock. Repetition of safety procedures will allow for better retention and decision making during a crisis.
  • Review the location of all safety gear and boarding/swim ladders.
  • Should a boat capsize, have a support boat respond and assist immediately. Communicate the status of the situation back to the main RC boat so further actions and support can be coordinated, including with marine police as necessary.
  • Always wear a PFD when assisting a vessel in need.
  • Instruct competitors to ALWAYS stay with their boat.
  • Rescue and assist people first.
  • If the competitor is having trouble righting the boat, have them remove their sails and wait for the squall to pass before attempting again.
  • If a boat turns turtle it may be necessary to attach a harness to right the boat. As Cedar Point staff are trained on each classes’ specific righting procedures they should lead the process.
  • A universal distress signal for a sailboat without a VHF radio is dropping of the main sail. If you notice a boat take their main sail down, respond immediately.

All racers must comply with the PRO's decision to cancel racing due to adverse weather conditions.